Become a Transfer Genius

Become a Transfer Genius

Interested in supporting other transfer students during their transition to FSU? Consider volunteering as a Transfer Genius! The Transfer Genius program is an undergraduate volunteer leadership position designed to provide peer outreach and support to new transfer students.

What is a Transfer Genius?

The Transfer Genius program is an undergraduate volunteer leadership position designed to provide peer outreach and support to new transfer students.

  • Serves as a partner for assigned first-semester students.
  • Facilitates Transfer Roundtable activities.
  • Represents Transfer Student Services at tabling and virtual events (Market Wednesday, Orientation, TCC Day, Involvement Fair).
  • Facilitates Visiting Day, Transfer Orientation, or classroom presentations at FSU or TCC when requested.
  • Participates in transfer focus groups/invited panels when requested.
  • Assists academic colleges with Transfer Student Orientation and academic advising when requested.
  • Provides transfer-friendly walking or virtual tours of the campus.
  • Assists SLS 3140 instructors as a peer leader when requested.

Transfer Genius Expectations

  • Transfer Partners - Must be willing to be assigned 5-10 new transfer students and keep in contact regularly via email and/or text. Partners will also be required to meet in public spaces and/or participate in virtual meetings at least twice a semester.
  • Transfer Educators - Must have excellent communication and presentation skills. Will assist with classroom presentations at FSU or TCC, orientation and visiting day events.

Why Should I Serve as a Transfer Genius?

  • Gain leadership and peer mentoring experience.
  • Network with other transfer students and university staff.
  • Support first-semester transfer students.


  • Must be a transfer student with at least 30 total credit hours, in good academic standing, with no student conduct infractions.
    • Must have completed at least 12 FSU credit hours by Summer 2021.
    • Must be registered for at least 12 hours (and be subsequently enrolled to remain eligible) for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters.
  • Must have at least a 2.5 FSU GPA and 3.0 overall GPA.
  • Preferred candidates must demonstrate evidence of: 1) superior verbal and written communication skills; 2) superior group facilitation skills; 3) superior ability to build relationships; 4) a working knowledge of FSU campus resources.
  • Experience in a student organization is a plus!

Applicant Requirements

  • Interested students should submit applications by Friday, March 19at 11:59 p.m. for consideration. Please note, if you are invited for a virtual interview, you must be available for a phone or video conference between March 24-26.
  • Candidates must answer all short response questions and provide the name and contact information for two (2) references.
  • Candidates should be prepared to commit for the 2021-2022 academic year. 
  • Candidates must be available for a mandatory Virtual Training on Friday, April 9th and make an earnest effort to attend Transfer Genius events.
  • Candidates may be asked to host Welcome Sessions for incoming transfer students during orientation dates in July and August and during WelcomeFSU week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will continuously be updated

Is this a paid or unpaid position? The Transfer Genius program is a pilot program that is currently an unpaid, campus service activity.  The time commitment should be on average about 5 hours per week, including any training activities.  Some weeks it could be less, depending on the expectations and opportunities to meet with students.

Do we have to live on campus or in Tallahassee to be eligible?  No. This program will follow the expectations of the University and will meet, train, and serve students remotely. To remain in accordance with social distancing guidelines, this program will remain primarily as a remote activity in the event that on-campus operations resume in the Fall.

When will we find out if we've been chosen?  Applicants will receive an email notification by March 31st of our decision and the next steps in the process.  

Questions? Please contact us via email at for more information.

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